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Street Sportswear Brand Since 89
Two Hype Action Ware, an iconic brand from the 1990’s with a rich heritage in the urban/street sportswear arena & hip hop culture. Two Hype built their brand legacy on their creative use of African Kente-inspired prints that were incorporated and colorized into professionally licensed sportswear, coined: “Licensed Sportswear meets Street Gear".

Two Hype was the first to connect urban streetwear and active performance wear into the same product

Two Hype YOURSELF is what we stand for...Being the FIRST 2 EVER is what we are known for.

disrupting streetwear

Inspired by the conscious of the brand’s original heritage, Two Hype will feature a series of capsule collections in celebration of the brand’s legacy of timeless and diverse styles from the historic catalog from 1989 – 2000.

Kente History

Kente - a beautiful, vibrant, handwoven cloth originated by the Ashanti tribe of West Africa, was reserved for royalty as a symbol of wealth for esteemed families. Kente is a rich display of cultural heritage, philosophy, ethics and shared values. It is a powerful visual representation of cultural pride and greatness.

Kente Today

The way one dresses expresses their heritage and culture, providing insight into personal style and aesthetics. It is an innate thing… akin to cultural rhythms, cuisine, and ethnic patterns - each brings a unique story and collective nostalgia that transcends the borders of Africa binding us together as people and manifesting various facets of current fashion.

Two Hype Kente

Two Hype has adopted and interpreted traditional Kente cloth along with other prints & patterns, bridging rich cultural history with contemporary transnational style trends.
Drawing inspiration from these rich ethnic patterns allows Two Hype to center its innovative designs in self-awareness and actualization, endorsing the values of individuality, respect and pride.